Y’all, I love my grill.  Spring, fall, summer and winter – I use it year round.  A couple of years ago, I decided to treat myself (#treatyoself right?) with a beautiful Weber Spirit.  Life changing, for serious!

So, when our bestie, Bailey, bought her first new home, it’s no surprise that I led the charge in making sure she got a nice grill.  Sarah and EB agreed that it’d be the perfect housewarming gift.  Off to Lowes.com we went to pick one out.  Bailey and I picked it up, already assembled, and put in in the back of Regina (her Rav4).  This part took a little work and I am surprised that 2 members of the male population walked by and just laughed at us.  That’s fine.  Have you seen my biceps?  I’ve got this.  I digress.

Bailey broke her new grill in last night by cooking a lovely dinner of grilled chicken, corn and asparagus (hooooray, I love when someone else cooks me dinner).  I’m so happy I taught her the brining method for the chicken because it was AMAZEBALLS!  We ended the night with our friend, Sarah, the pup Winston and Chloecat, all having a dance party.  Thanks for the slow dance, Sross.  🙂

grilled chicken

Bailey is throwing her first bash this evening and I’m sure she’ll do an amazing job on the grill again.  Here’s hoping for many more years of fun, dance parties and happiness in your beautiful new home, friend!