Y’all, I am so excited!  On Thursday, my friend Stacie and her friend, Lisa, and I are leaving for Ireland.  I have never been out of the country, except for Mexico and Jamaica. I am a compulsive budgeter/saver and have had a vacation fund for years, but I have never used the money for an international trip.  Until now!  Ireland recently legalized gay marriage, so I am thrilled that my first trip will be there. gays We are renting a car and spending time in Dublin, Dingle (what a funny name), Kilarney and Cork/Kinsale.  I anticipate taking many pictures, walking a lot (I am shooting for 150,000 steps for the trip), enjoying the local culinary (or my protein bars – whatever looks better) and making a ton of memories. Have any of you been to Ireland?  Any tips or recommendations?  I have my travel guide, but would love to hear any firsthand experiences.  I’m also headed to Iceland in September, so holler if you have any advice for that trip, too! ireland