Best thing about summer in North Carolina?  Tomatoes, duh!  I have so much love for them. And they are so versatile – seriously, there are so many ways to eat them.

Slice them up and sprinkle with salt and pepper?  Yep!

Add fresh mozzarella, basil and evoo?  Yep!

tomatoes and mozzarella

Serve them on a beautiful crusty bread for a perfect tomato sandwich? Yep!

Pair said sandwich with fruit, crisps, and a glass of wine?  Yep!  Yep!  Yep!

tomato sammy

Not only are tomatoes delicious, they bring people together!  Swear!  At least 2 days a week my best pal, Watson, brings fresh maters from the market and we  sit in the common space at work and craft beautiful sandwiches.  We make everyone jealous.  And sometimes she just brings in grape tomatoes and we eat them like….well, like grapes.

watson tomatoes final

Maybe the folks in government should break bread over a tomato sandwich – I am certain we could solve all the world’s problems.