I’ll admit it, I’m a snob.  A food snob, that is!  99.9999% of the time I love to cook my own food, and well, I’m kinda good at it.  But for that other .01% of the time, my town – Winston Salem, NC – is a hotbed of local eateries serving ah-mazing food.  Doesn’t matter what kind of food you’re looking for, we probably have it.  Without further ado, here is my list of top favs in no particular order:


mozelles tomato pieRecently the president of Mediahub (my boss) was in town and he took the media leaders to dinner at Mozelle’s.  I often pick on John, because, well, he’s from Boston and it’s fun and that’s just me.  He says things like “you all don’t have a Starbucks, where can I get a cup of coffee” (Camino, duh, and we have plenty of Starbucks).  Anywho, upon trying to decide what to order, I told him multiple times to get the darn tomato pie.  I’m pretty sure I used the phrase “it will change your life”.  He did not order it, so I ordered it for him, in the form of an appetizer.  One bite in to his entree and guess what he was raving about?  The tomato pie!  Duh!  You’re welcome, boss. You should go get it, too.  Oh, and the shrimp and grits are to die for.  In fact, you should just get both.

The Honey Pot

I love this place and I don’t eat here nearly as much as I should, especially since they are honey pot - tuna honey pot - vegetable platetwo blocks from the office.  But alas, they no longer serve lunch and then I forget about it when it’s time for dinner, unless a client is in town (this my go-to place for client dinners).  I love everything about The Honey Pot – the interior is amazing; the wine list (oh, god, the wine list); the food will melt in your mouth and the service it top-notch.  All locally sourced, southern cuisine.  My pals, Frankenbrad (that’s Frank and Brad for those who don’t know…they’re the most amazing couple and friends) stopped by the office for a visit one day recently and asked where they should go for an early dinner.  They are vegetarians so I knew HP was THE place.  First, they went to Small Batch for beers and then made their way to dinner.  It wasn’t long before I got the text that said “Small Batch was cool but The Honey Pot is crazy cool.”  Immediately followed by pictures of their food:  Tuna sashimi and the vegetable plate.  I had a tomato course there once that nearly made me cry (read here if you don’t know how much I love tomatoes)  Do yourself a favor and check this place out next time you are downtown.  
honey pot tomato course

Next up?  Mission Pizza

For the love of all things holy, if you haven’t eaten here, you have sinned against your tummy and I sentence you to $10 pizza Tuesday and Wine Wednesday for the rest of the year.  I mean, it’s not a punishment, in fact, I think you’ll send me a thank you note. When the gals get together for dinner, this is usually where we want to go (unless I want mexican, which is always).  Perfect for applicant dinners, date night, girls night out, “I drank too much champagne at the company party and need food immediately” (that’s never happened to me….swear), etc.  The environment is pretty laid back, food is out of this world, the service is great and the story behind the joint is pretty cool, too!

mission pizza - pizzaI want to try all the MP things, but somehow I always end up with the same things: wood-fired cauliflower atop a whipped goat cheese puree.  Hungry yet?  Angioletti (cute little fried balls with EVOO, thyme and honey)?  Yes, please.  My current favorite pizza:  the montanara with sopressata.  The funghi is also ridiculous.  My all-time favorite?  The EAC! Mr. Peyton, if you loved me (you don’t, but you should), you would give the people what they want….EAC, EAC, EAC…or at least give it to me!  Friends, next time you want legit pizza napoletana and need a dinner date, I am your girl!

mission pizza - angiolettemission pizza - cauliflower

Looking for Sushi?  Sushi Thai on Stratford is a great, affordable choice.

sushi thai

Need something fancier/romantic?  Check out Spring House (the lamb shank and fried chicken entrees are stupid good)

spring house - lamb shank springhouse fried chicken

Oh, I mentioned mexican food!  My top two in Winston are El Maguey and Pancho Villa. Get the HOT salsa if you love the spicy food as much as I do.

Local folks, what are your favorite Winston Salem eateries?  And if you really must, I suppose you can go to Asheville, too.